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Arthouse Hejtmánek

Nestled in a lovely 17th century house with a dreamy garden in the gorgeous embassy neighborhood of Prague 6 is the Arthouse Hejtmánek gallery and auction house. This family business is the culmination of approximately 25 years of mutual interests, life and work – a love of collecting led them to a supreme collection of beautiful art, antiques and design objects from all over the world that fill the charming old house that acts as a gallery for temporary exhibitions, and as an auction place and antique boutique where you can relax and enjoy your surroundings. Enveloped by lovely things that people have surrounded themselves with and have been collecting since ages past, Marie and Tomas Hejtmánek considering collecting to be “a need, a joy, a passion.” One of the most intriguing elements of the Arthouse Hejtmánek gallery and auction house is that their varied collection presents a wide variety of objects with a range of price tags – ensuring there is truly something for everyone to add to their growing art / antique collection. The stately interior is truly beautiful, as are the garden grounds. At Arthouse Hejtmánek gallery and auction house you can find furniture, sculpture and paintings, vases, clocks, carpets, china and ceramics, jewelry, and so much more. For information regarding upcoming exhibitions and/or auctions simply check their user-friendly website that is available in English, Czech, and German. If you should be looking for a unique object to add to your personal collection, or if you are simply in need of a present for a loved one or friend, pay a visit to the whimsical Arthouse Hejtmánek gallery and auction house and surround yourself with the beauty of the antique, art and design world today.  

Goetheho 17/ 2, Praha 6, +420 734 311 861,  


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