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Bakery Mansson

Located in the Jewish Quarter, on a side street next to the massive Intercontinental Hotel, sits Mansson Bakery; a welcome beacon for lovers of fluffy white breads and wholesome dark varieties and a welcome alternative to the heavy rye-laden Czech style bread (which is quite tasty, but variety is the spice of life). Beyond just bread, you can also find sweet offerings to start your mornings out right, crisp fresh salads, delectable sandwiches and more. The cozy interior offers cafe seating, perfect for enjoying a sweet or savory treat with a cup of coffee. Mansson Bakery is the perfect stopping-point while touring or doing business in Old Town's Josefov area, the welcoming interior, delicious fare, and friendly staff will lure you back again and again. Started by a Danish couple, the bakery quickly became a sweet success and even supplies numerous upscale restaurants in Prague with bread varieties that are often offered in small breadbaskets at the beginning of a delicious meal (the small rolls are not available in the bakery, just larger whole or half-loaves). Look to Mansson for your daily bread or for a larger variety of baked goods to supply your next social function or to meet your bulk needs. Mansson Bakery is especially famous for their dark rye bread, covered in crunchy sesame seeds; it is a light and chewy version of traditional Scandinavian bread.

Bílkova 8, Praha 1, +420 222 310 620,


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