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If you happen to be searching for a vintage “pin-up” bicycle in Prague, turn to Le Bikes, a bicycle studio and shop in Žižkov. Founded by Vit Hlousek, Le Bikes is a wonderful retro shop where you can purchase amazing retro bikes that have been restored to their former glory. Vit Hlousek, whose search for a cream-colored retro bike spurred the founding of Le Bikes, is passionate about restoring and customizing old bikes. “These bikes are better than new ones, because no factory could pay so much attention to them,” he states. With his attention to design detail (down to color, seat choice, etc.) and love of retro wheels he has created a one-of-a-kind bicycle studio/shop in Prague. Currently retro bicycles have become quite the trend in Prague and if you have an old bike or would like to buy one, simply visit Le Bikes and see for yourself the beauty of retro bicycles. These are wonderful bikes – with quality (everything used is branded) and safety being a top priority in their creation. Furthermore Hlousek employs a zero-waste work method, using old metal and from scrap yards for the base of the bicycles. If you are searching for a customized pin-up bicycle, a more and more popular way of traveling in style, visit Le Bikes today.  

Viklefova 1, Praha 3, +420 723 178 689, www.lebikes.cz


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