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Moser Glass sets the standard for high quality glass world round. The company is based in Karlovy Vary, but the city of Prague features two lovely Moser stores, both located in the Old Town, one on Old Town Square, and one on the main shopping artery of Na Prikope. The company was established in 1857 in the then Austro-Hungarian town of Karlsbad (Karlovy Vary) by Ludwig Moser, a Jewish German-Bohemian. After two World Wars and Communism the company is stronger than ever and has the reputation to prove it, as Moser Glass is known worldwide as the glass of Kings. The company specializes in decorative, artistic glassware, fine stemware, and luxury glass presents and glass engravings as well.

Na Příkopě 12, Praha 1, +420 224 211 293,


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