Zuzana Sedmidubská | 7dub | Prague
7dub | Prague
7dub Showroom
Zuzana Sedmidubská | Prague
7dub | Prague
Zuzana Sedmidubská | Czech Designer
7dub Showroom
7dub | Zuzana Sedmidubská
7dub Showroom
Zuzana Sedmidubská | 7dub
Zuzana Sedmidubská
7dub | Prague
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MgA. Zuzana Běhalová Sedmidubská - 7dub

MgA. Zuzana Běhalová Sedmidubská has been creating her original fashion collections under the 7dub brand since 2007. The graduate of the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague draws inspiration most often from the surrounding environment and also puts great emphasis on the quality of processing. Her clothes are often asymmetrical and feature unusual fashion patterns. Clothes in each collection are united by one theme. In her organic collection called STRIPES MgA. Zuzana Běhalová Sedmidubská was inspired by the 1920s and folk costumes. Clothes in this collection are made of simple patterns and stripes of fabrics that often fit close to the body. For example, the Liquid collection deals with the theme of water and rain. Skirts and dresses in this collection often create cascades and the colors used reflect various shades of water from black and dark blue to light blue and grey. MgA. Zuzana Běhalová Sedmidubská is also often inspired by her travels and natural motives, and so, for example, her collection Triglav is the result of her trip to the Julian Alps in Slovenia. Besides thematic collections MgA. Zuzana Běhalová Sedmidubská creates tailor-made clothes including wedding dress. You can witness and buy the lovely fashionable creations designed by Zuzana at her showroom in Letna where you can also purchase clothing from Sistersconspiracy

Dobrovského 24, Praha 7, +420 736 538 061, www.7dub.cz


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