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Timoure et Group was founded in 1992 by Mgr. A. Alexandra Pavalová and Akad. mal. Ivana Šafránková, who are both graduates of VŠUP (Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague). Timoure et Group or TEG holds a strong position in the Czech fashion world and is a reputable and inventive fashion brand that continues to gain popularity with the fashion conscious and fashion experts with its unique blend of classic design mixed with today’s fashion trends. TEG currently produces exclusive designs each season on a small scale. TEG has expanded its offer and now offers a lovely collection of small leather products, high quality branded tee shirts and textile accessories. Timoure et Group is known for its quality design, upmost craftsmanship and clear design. It is also interesting that the fashion brand creates design pieces that are compatible with each other so you can make your own combination to create your own TEG style and look. Timoure et Group presents its collections four times a year, each fashion season in its fashion boutiques and also annually at Prague’s DesignBlok. TEG can be purchased at two boutiques located in the Old Town district of Prague. Both fashion boutiques feature design interiors by Daniela Polubědovová. If you are interested in items from older collections, TEG has an outlet store at Americká 25, where it is possible to shop by appointment in groups of four or less (cash only).  

V Kolkovně 6, Praha 1, +420 222 327 358. Martinská 4, Praha 1, +420 224 240 737, www.timoure.cz 


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