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IF...by Ivana Follová

IF…by Ivana Follová is located in the city center of Prague and presents a unique collection of ready-to-wear fashion and accessories for the most demanding, fashionable women. Ivana Follová believes that "each and every woman deserves to be pampered with luxury clothing which is perfectly cut, adorned by unforgettable colors or soft materials which caress gently..." If this is what you are searching for in a Prague fashion boutique and your own personal style, look no further than IF… Follová studied and graduated from the School of Design Manufacture in the capital city of Prague, after which she gained experience as a designer in the Ypsilon Theater. In 1982 she founded the IF studio. Ivana Follová has professional experience creating costumes and stage sets for rock bands, famous personalities and more, including being the costume designer for Verdi’s Rigoletto for the Opera Prague Open Air Festival and also creating by hand a curtain for the performance of the Magical Flute at the Estates Theater. Her work is famous and has been included in various exhibitions, publications and museums. She is the subject of the 2007 book the ‘IF…Inventory’ by Michaela Zindelová. She continues to create and be extremely successful in fashion exhibitions in the Czech Republic and abroad. If you wish for original, feminine and exciting fashion, do not miss the offer at the IF…by Ivana Follová boutique in Prague.  

Mezibranská 9, Prague 1, +420 222 211 357, www.ivanafollova.com 


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