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Rabbit Guides

If you are looking for entertaining educational travel books for children and adults alike, turn to Rabbit Guides. The books created by Rabbit Guides are perfect for children who are interested in our wide world, or in general, for lovers of travel. The books differ from most as the tour guides in the books happen to be a bit more furry than most guides, since they are, in fact, animals. The book series so far consists of A Rabbit's Guide to Venice & A Rabbit's Guide to Prague – a love letter to the adopted city of the book creators, Sara Mihálik and Sarah Suchá. The whimsical guide books are created in a traditional yet modern way. The architectural elements of the books are done by hand in pencil, while the animal characters are painted with watercolors – the images are then collaged in photoshop, creating full color images that are both timeless and contemporary. The aim of Rabbit Guides is to show children and adults a full experience of each city they visit, including not only main sights and architectural icons but also lesser-known sights, cultural elements including art, handmade crafts, entertainment and local cuisine, and more. The two travel-loving rabbits look forward to showing you the riches of our world. For ordering information please visit the Rabbit Guides's website listed below. The next book in this exciting series will be A Rabbit's Guide to Marrakech.

www.rabbitsguides.com, www.facebook.com/rabbitguides


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