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Bohemia Design Market

Bohemia Design Market is an international design project that consists of, but is not limited to, a comprehensive design portal and convenient e-shop. The founder of Bohemia Design Market, Kateřina Lukášová, seeks to share original Czech design works here and abroad. Czech design products are created with precision and soul – because of this, these functional, unique design pieces need to be shared with the whole world. Bohemia Design Market was developed and launched to specifically stage and provide access to Czech products internationally. The philosophy of this portal / e-shop is to support original design and work alongside Czech non-profit organizations and to connect people and projects to the international market in order to develop new opportunities and success for all. So if you wish to purchase uniquely designed keepsakes all the while supporting a good cause, then Bohemia Design Market is just for you. It is of upmost importance to note that Bohemia Design Market donates 3% of all sales to worthy Czech causes involved in foundation and civic associations, environment, and culture. On the Bohemia Design Market website you can find a wide array of wonderful design pieces including fashion, accessories & shoes, jewelry, decorations, paper products, products for children and pets, art, health and beauty products, homemade food products, and much more. Shopping on their convenient website is easy – simply register, shop away and support local talent! It is also of interest to note that Bohemia Design Market organizes regular design markets where you can see and purchase original Czech products.


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