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Located in the bustling neighborhood of Letna, Prague 7 is the Kuráž design shop, where you can find an array of products from local designers and artists. Kuráž (which translates to courage) is the brainchild of a few friends who wished to create a space where like-minded individuals could converge. They successfully managed to create an attractive shop with a soul – a place where the founders, suppliers and customers form a big family. This family - or community - is open to those who wish to make their life more colorful and who wish to surround themselves with beautiful, locally made objects that have stories of their own, and in some cases made by designers that the founders personally know. The shop sells mainly goods from the Czech Republic and Slovakia, making it a great place to find a present or a souvenir from the gorgeous city of Prague. The design boutique offers a wide range of products including clothing & accessories, jewelry of all sorts, notebooks, books, shoes, bags, etc. And as the founders are constantly keeping an eye out for new, upcoming designers, you can bet that becoming a regular visitor to their happy shop is a good thing indeed. Kuráž is not only a shop – it is a meeting place for the people who live here, who design here, who love here. Think global – buy local at the Kuráž design shop – it‘s also interesting to note that Kuráž is part of the Like a Local City Guide which helps visitors find authentic places in Prague that locals love. And at this friendly design boutique that is exactly what you can do. Full of intriguing, whimsical products from local designers and artists, Kuráž is a great place to find a gift for a friend or loved one, or for yourself – why not treat yourself to something nice, made locally with love? 

Veletržní 48, Praha 7, +420 608 449 804, 


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