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Located on the lovely Senovážné náměstí (Hay Market Square), in the center of Prague, housed in a whimsical Art Nouveau building is the equally whimsical Harddecore design shop and gallery. This modern shop boasts a unique concept that represents Czech and foreign design and is full of cool unique gifts in its experimental showroom that features local fashion and design companies and independent designers alongside well-known Czech and foreign designers. Czech and foreign design are represented by an array of lovely gifts including unique jewelry, ceramics, books, furniture, design clothing and accessories. It is worth noting that Harddecore is the only shop in Prague where you can find the CHI-CHI fashion brand, which is designed by Josefína Bakošová who is also the owner and inventor of the Harddecore concept. Josefína Bakošová also dapples in illustration, costume and puppet design. All of the design products presented in this gallery & design shop are the result of masterful craftsmanship, boast a distinctive appearance and style and, moreover, are environmentally friendly. Josefína Bakošová is constantly searching for inspiring and innovative artists, which is why you will always find an array of extraordinary pieces of clothing, jewelry and interior accessories at Harddecore. It is no wonder that Harddecore is a favorite among young hip locals and discerning tourists alike. Visit Harddecore and make all of your design dreams come true!

Senovážné náměstí 10, Praha 1, +420 777 094 421,


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