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Zdeněk Vacek

The high end jewelry by Zdeněk Vacek is manufactured with emphasis put on every last detail and presents some of the most prominent work on the Czech modern jewelry scene. The perfect knowledge of the craft that Zdeněk Vacek acquired by graduating as goldsmith and jeweler and by working in various goldsmith studios has made him the go-to jewelry maker to the hip people of Prague. After twenty years of rich experience and co-founding the fabled Zorya brand (which even dabbled in other creative disciplines in the design world), Zdeněk Vacek is now flying solo and offers luxurious avant garde, yet timeless pieces made from precious metals and gemstones. Purchasing jewelry from Zdeněk Vacek is a great investment, whether it be from his limited fine jewelry collections or a piece made just for you. Should you commission a bespoke piece of jewelry, whether it be an engagement ring, wedding ring, necklace or earrings, etc., Zdeněk Vacek will create the piece by listening to the needs of the client and their ideas. He will absorb all of the impressions and information and then capture the vibrations of the idea through perfect craftsmanship – the result will be an elegant and original piece of jewelry that will be handed down through many generations. Zdeněk Vacek links traditional jewelry making methods with modern technology – the possibilities are endless. Studio visits are by appointment only.

Jana Masaryka 26, Praha 2, +420 777 609 121,


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