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In the maze of cobblestone streets that make up the Old Town district of Prague, you will find the Leeda fashion boutique. The Leeda label, by designers Lucie Trnková and Lucie Kutálková, offers distinct, limited and original fashion collections; perfect for those searching for unique clothing in the city of Prague. Leeda also collaborates with artistic people who impact the music, design, film, architecture and photography fields, people like the late great architect Jan Kaplický. The fusion created between the artists and the Leeda designers presents fantastic collections in which there lies a story, a concept and a theme. If you are looking to spruce up your wardrobe then Leeda boutique is a fashionable place to start!


Bartolomějská 1, Praha 1, +420 608 210 244, +420 777 117 112, www.leeda.cz



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