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What is hidden behind the name Papelote? It is an original Czech stationery store which gives paper and working with paper a brand new creative dimension. Paper is not just an element for writing but rather a complex material full of tastes, smells, sounds and colors. At Papelote you can find exercise books, notebooks, postcards, wrapping paper, covers and pencil cases, folders and a host of other things, all made in the Czech Republic out of environmentally-friendly materials. The aim of the Papelote stationery store is recovery and improvement of existing levels of paper products, as well as offering an alternative to current mainstream production. In this unique store filled with Papelote's complete portfolio, varying from mass-produced products to artists' limited series, you will discover a child's enthusiasm in yourself and will have a hard time deciding which of the functional as well as playful and original products you should choose first. Apart from its own offer, the Papelote store also offers books from the extraordinary Czech publisher Baobab and books from illustrators and printmakers. What's more, papelote also features the so-called pape.lab – a creative studio offering unique solutions to schools, businesses, institutions, the NGO sector, festivals, galleries, and shops and also individuals who love paper, design and originality and care about what they write on and what gifts they give to their clients and partners. Papelote will offer you tailor-made alternative stationery solutions. The store in which you can experience the motto "paper from heart and soul" is located in Prague 7.

Milady Horákové 11, Praha 7, +420 774 719 113,


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