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Mcely Bouquet

The owner of the luxury five-star Chateau Mcely hotel in central Bohemia developed the purely natural Mcely Bouquet cosmetics. In the development of this cosmetic range Inez Cusumano followed the local herbal and alchemical tradition through which she mediates the healing energy of the former aristocratic seat and surrounding natural environment, not only in the chateau's relaxing and healing Mcely Spa, but also to those who decide to buy these unique cosmetic products for home use. Balms, bath salts, oils, serums, peelings and masks are prepared directly at the chateau laboratory from fresh ingredients that are not at all chemically treated. The Mcely Bouquet cosmetics contain precious essential oils and herbal extracts prepared by traditional alchemical procedures. The Mcely Bouquet elixirs that rejuvenate and heal the body, calm the mind and elevate the spirit are designated for brief rituals performed at home. Try out, for example, the Morning Ritual to enhance courage, Ritual of Honey Bliss or the Mcely Glow Ritual and many others and pamper your body and soul with the ritual care of the Mcely Bouquet organic cosmetics.

Mcely Bouquet is happy to introduce their new collection titled "In the Embrace of the Little Carpathians" - inspired by the countryside surrounding Bratislava with the banks of the grand Danube and the sun-warmed Little Carpathians. This collection of natural cosmetics was created by Mcely Bouquet founder Inez Cusumano. For further information, please visit the website that is listed below. 

Chateau Mcely, Mcely 61, 289 36 Mcely, +420 325 600 000,,


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