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Would you like to please your loved ones with a quality gift that will truly be appreciated? Are you searching for a new piece of home decor or furniture? Would you like to consult the appearance of your home with a professional? Let us present you with À la Maison, a family company operating an interior design boutique/studio that offers home decor and furniture of the highest quality, as well as an e-shop. The À la Maison boutique is where you will find a great amount of interior accessories from both family companies with a long craftsmanship tradition and young promising brands that are yet to be famous. Furthermore À la Maison offers top quality furniture by the Portuguese brand Green Apple Home Style, the Spanish brand Artelore, and more alongside an array of wallpapers by the Cole & Son and Giardini Wallcoverings brands. What is more, the studio is where you can meet with an experienced interior designer and benefit from complex professional services that will most certainly add new shape and style to your home. Visit the boutique/showroom or e-shop operated by the À la Maison company, if you are searching for original gifts for your loved ones, relatives, clients or business partners or if you want to please yourself and tune your home to perfection with a new piece of decor or furniture.

New Living Center: Šafránkova 1238/1, Praha 5, +420 602 790 392; www.alamaison.cz


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