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Stone Sculptures from Zimbabwe –

The idea of making African sculpture accessible to Czech collectors of art was started in 2005 by Miroslava Sodomková. Since her tragic death in 2007, her husband Ondřej Homolka has continued her work. Ondřej Homolka imports African stone sculptures by sculptors from Zimbabwe, mainly from the Tengenenge art community, to the Czech Republic, where he displays them under the open sky or at various galleries and also offers them for sale. The sculptures represent contemporary art, even though the sculptors inspire themselves with traditional African culture, magic and legends. The sculptures are sculpted by hand from stone that is also mined manually to ensure that its inner structure does not get damaged during the process. Carving stone is widely available in Zimbabwe – Zimbabwe is also the only country south of the Sahara Desert where there are historical stone structures. It is from these spectacular sculptures, and the carving tradition, that name of the country is derived and is usually translated as „a large house of stone“. The history of modern sculpture in Zimbabwe dates back to the 1960s. For more than forty years these sculptors from Zimbabwe have gained success and awards at many exhibitions all over the world. Now, however, sculptors are harshly affected by the current political and economic crisis in the country. In the Czech Republic statues from Zimbabwe have been exhibited at many places such as at the Aleš South Bohemian Gallery (2006), Veletržní Palace of the National Gallery in Prague (2007), Prague Botanical Garden in Troja (2006, 2007 and 2010), in the small courtyard of the Průhonice Castle near Prague (2011), Ambit Art Gallery in Prague (2011) and also at the Gallery of Slovak Union of Visual Arts (2011). Sculptures by contemporary Zimbabwean sculptors are suitable for installation in a public place or office space or they can become a dominant feature of your garden. If you want to own a piece of original modern art from Africa, all you need to do is choose a statue from the offer of Ondřej Homolka on his website given below or visit the sculpture show space after a prior arrangement.

Ing. Ondřej Homolka, Tehov 274, Říčany u Prahy, + 420 777 935 970,


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