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Legáček is the place for true lovers of Lego! Legos have a long tradition dating back to 1947 and continue to be popular today, as seen by the millions of Lego fans worldwide. Anyone who has ever tried Legos will certainly confirm that it is difficult not to get addicted to them. The real proof can be that parents sometimes play with Legos just as much as their children. Lego structures can easily be composed, fit perfectly together and are almost indestructible. The Danish Lego system is simply the world leader in building toys. Legos and the Legáček Company have been inseparably linked for more than 8 years. Visit Legáček's e-shop where you will be offered a wide range of Lego products of all kinds. The most popular Lego systems include Lego City, Bionicle, Creator, Castle, Lego Technic and Lego Star Wars. If you are missing some Lego pieces and you do not want to buy a whole set again, Legáček offers you spare parts as well. Legos are a great adventure for kids of all ages. Little ones will love Bob the Builder, Thomas and Friends, or Duplo trains and animals. The older ones will appreciate the Lego Star Wars, Lego City or Lego Creator, while the oldest children will surely enjoy Lego Technic. To make purchasing easy and affordable, Legáček offers a range of options for payment and delivery with pick-ups at specified Uloženka.cz distribution points in Prague 4 and Prague 9. Legáček also offers tours and trips to Legoland, the mecca for all fans of Legos. If you want your children to learn in an enjoyable way while having fun do not hesitate to visit Legáček online!


+420 603 555 888, www.legacek.cz 


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