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Lucie Koldová

Known in design circles for her wonderfully whimsical and timeless design lighting, furniture pieces, glass sculptures, and art objects of desire, Lucie Koldová is a young and supremely talented product and furniture designer from the Czech Republic. Currently based in Paris, where she moved after graduating from the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague in 2009, Koldová has been operating her own design studio since 2012. Working with international clients in her atelier she finds endless inspiration from the melting pot that is Paris; she is constantly inspired by different cultures, and such inspiration can be seen in her work. Lucie Koldová's passionate work ranges from everyday functional design pieces, to lovely design lighting that is just simply gorgeous; she also works with conceptual space and urban areas, and creates poetic art gallery objects and limited edition series. Koldová's product are made using old fashioned traditional methods together with cutting-edge technology. The design products can be characterized by their material abundance of wood and hand blown glass, in combination with unusual proportions and attractive color choices. Lucie Koldová's designs can be purchased through Brokis, a reputable Czech traditional manufacturer.

Zenklova 185 Praha 8,, 


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