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TIQE by Petra Balvínová

The TIQE Concept Store on Benediktská Street is there for those who love fashion and seek true quality in it. Alongside limited collections of designer clothing by Petra Balvínová, the TIQE Concept Store offers a variety of other top-quality fashion products, such as fashion accessories and natural cosmetics. Among the offered brands are the INLIGHT bio cosmetics, the PBG handbags made by Czech designers and a wide range of iconic sunglasses by Fendi. Collections by TIQE, a fashion brand established in 2006, are featured in editorials of high style magazines frequently; the clothing continues to be sought after. Putting great emphasis on femininity and the combination of playful details and petite elements, the clothing lines by Petra Balvínová embody light, airy pieces of clothes that are chic, comfy and elegant at the same time. Emphasizing the curves of the female body, the distinguished designer pieces of clothing by TIQE are tailored to clients' measurements, which is why they will always fit you perfectly and make you feel and look great – elegant, yet chic, no matter what the occasion. Every year, TIQE produces two compact collections full of beautiful dresses, skirts, jackets, blouses, trousers, sweatshirts and shorts, complemented by limited "mini" editions of evening and summer dresses. TIQE clothing originates from top quality materials including traditional ones, such as silk, wool, cotton, lace and leather, alongside unusual material – neoprene or transparent mesh, e.g. The color compositions of the collections have changed over time, yet it is the palette of subtle color shades together with significant bold colors that rule the collections. A huge success has been the collection of untraditional wedding dresses designed for modern brides who are looking for light dresses with an original cut and a distinctive style. TIQE by Petra Balvínová is presented at the Prague Fashion Week, the biggest event of the Czech fashion scene every year. In the autumn of 2017, Petra Balvínová launched both the concept store and an online store (www.tiqe.cz) where you can search through the current TIQE collections and cosmetics by INLIGHT and get yourself something truly feminine and beautiful.

Benediktská 9, Prague 1, +420 608 519 656, www.tiqe.cz


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