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Maximum Underground

Located in the center of Prague on a charming cobblestone lined secret passageway off of Jilská Street is the Maximum Underground CD and Vinyl shop. At Maximum Underground you will find the best selection of alternative and more genres of music on CD, LP, MC and DVD. Maximum Underground offers an excellent selection of experimental, blues, soul, hard core, indie, punk, reggae/dub, rockabilly, ska and more. The shop offers a variety of dance music as well including ambient, breakbeat, down tempo, hip hop, house, techno, trance and more. Like any good music shop, Maximum Underground is complete with rock and roll accessories as well. The passage off of Jilská Street is an interesting sub world of alternative culture in the center of tourist town. You will find the Maximum Underground music shop, a unique fashion shop and a popular Prague tattoo parlor. If you prefer online shopping, Maximum Underground features an online shop as well.


Jilská 22, Praha 1, +420 724 307 198, 


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