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Black Point Music

Black Point Music is a record label and online shop and is legendary in the world of music in Prague. Dating back to 1990, Black Point Music was one of the first distributors of banned music that was unknown and unavailable during the Communist times, making them one of the first and most popular if not the only music distributer in Prague. After the fall of the Iron Curtain, Black Point Music founded its own production label focusing on quality domestic music regardless of musical style and genre. By 1992 Black Point Music was releasing multimedia in all formats and also became a distributor of smaller lesser-known Czech music labels. In the late 90's the music store was opened, together with an e-shop, one of the first in the Czech Republic. In the music store, Black Point Music sold not only contemporary music but also older CDs from their archive, which encompassed legendary names from totalitarian times. In current times, Black Point Music is mostly an e-shop and record label, as the store is now closed. They continue to annually produce Czech artists, however on a much smaller scale. At Black Point Music you can find CDs, DVDs, LPs of all genres as well as books, t-shirts, audio books, PC games, gramophone accessories, secondhand vinyl and more.

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