Diana World of Nuts

The extensive nut case in this shop will make your mouth water. You can purchase in bulk pine nuts, cashews, walnuts, Brazil nuts, pecans, peanuts; the list goes on. Diana World of Nuts also offers dried fruits, zesty wasabi peas; trail mixes, teas, herbs, seeds, hard candies, and sweet treats such as chocolate covered peanuts and raisins, sugarcoated jelly candies, licorices, and caramels. You can also find a limited selection of organic and international foods such as brown sugar, Tamari and Indian marinades. Diana World of Nuts is a chain store and has several locations across Prague; see their website for a full listing of locations.

Bělehradská 87, Praha 2, +420 224 235 444, www.diana-company.cz

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Eating and Shopping in New Town, International Cuisine

Address: Bělehradská 87 Praha 2

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