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Lovers of top-class gastronomy, who also enjoy cooking at home, will be pleased by the premium French poultry supplied to the Czech Republic by Poultry Heaven, operated by the famous Czech chef Zdeněk Pohlreich and his wife. Exclusive French poultry, the breeding of which has enjoyed a long history in France and is strictly monitored, is considered to be the best poultry in the world. It is appreciated not only for its excellent appearance but, more importantly, for its incomparable taste achieved through open breeding spaces, high-quality feed, local vegetation and land and the upholding and observation of centuries of breeding traditions. Thanks to Poultry Heaven you can now order high-quality chickens and ducks from Bresse – long considered to be the best poultry region in the world – as well as from other high-quality poultry-producing regions in France. Poultry Heaven's offer also includes top-quality beef from the United States. If you want to enjoy unique dishes from premium poultry bred and raised in the most natural way, without any hormone additives, order your chickens and ducks from Poultry Heaven. Recipes for preparing this special poultry can be found on the website presented below.

+420 723 662 622, info@poultryheaven.cz, zgruberova@seznam.cz, www.poultryheaven.cz

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