Authentic food products by small- and middle-sized farms, growers and producers from Czech and Moravian regions can be found in the Sklizeno stores in Prague, Brno and Olomouc. Products of these stores are prepared without the use of any E preservatives and harmful additives, according to traditional recipes and from locally grown products. Thanks to Sklizeno's products you can enjoy the original natural flavor of food without any chemical substances. At Sklizeno you will find farmers' chickens, rabbits and turkeys, lamb and venison meat, mature steak meat, high-quality sausages, farmers' milk products, free-range eggs, traditional sourdough bread, seasonal vegetables and fruit, gluten-free food including sausages and much more. All local products are fresh, seasonal and full of flavor. The range of goods is constantly expanded by new Czech and Moravian products, as well as by foreign groceries that cannot be grown in the Czech Republic. The offer is always accustomed to the clients' wishes. The Sklizeno stores have about 170 suppliers with whom the company maintains long-term personal relationships. Sklizeno stores offer authentic food products without necessary chemical additives that fulfill the highest demands on quality; the stores also carry some organic goods. If you care about what you eat then the Sklizeno stores in the center of Prague, Nusle, Karlín and Dejvice should become your regular stop while grocery shopping in Prague. 

Svatoslavova 24, Praha 4 – Nusle, +420 212 242 605; Dejvická 277/26, Praha 6, +420 234 697 548; Vodičkova 709/33, Prague 1, +420 212 241 307; Sokolovská 192/79, Prague 8 - Karlín, franchise partner,


Address: Svatoslavova 24, Praha 4 | Dejvická 277/26, Praha 6 | Vodičkova 709/33, Praha 1 | Sokolovská 192/79, Praha 8

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