Established in 1999, Vlaštovka (swallow in English) focuses on the sale of high quality Russian specialities. Offering delectable treats that excel in excellent flavor and taste, Vlaštovka has five locations throughout the city of Prague, ensuring that one will be most convenient for your shopping experience. Due to the shop's vast experience importing goods from Russia, you can be sure to find only high quality and some hard to find goods and food items. Vlaštovka is successful due to its selection of Russian goods, a sophisticated marketing strategy and very unique prices – because of this, each year, the company has more and more customers. The selection offered at the shops is truly varied and includes alcohol (including very high quality vodka & cognac), non-alcoholic drinks, tea and coffee, baked goods such as desserts and bread, meat & fish, condiments, dairy products, and much more. Should you prefer to shop from the comfort of your own home, please visit Vlaštovka's e-shop where you will find the same large variety of high quality Russian Goods (e-shop info is listed below the map). If you are searching for fine goods from Mother Russia, head straight to the reputable Vlaštovka shops, conveniently located throughout Prague.


Na Můstku 16, Praha 1. Francouzská 16, Praha 2, Vinohrady. Rokycanova 39, Praha 3, Žižkov. Na Pankráci 65, Praha 4, Pankrác. Petržílkova 21, Praha 5, Stodůlky. +420 736 400 027, www.ruskespeciality-eshop.com, www.ruskespeciality.cz

Address: Rokycanova 39, Praha 3 | Petržílkova 21, Praha 5 | Na Pankráci 65, Praha 4 | Francouzská 16, Praha 2 | Na Můstku 16, Praha 1

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