Prague Chocolate

The family company Pražská čokoláda s.r.o. (Prague Chocolate s.r.o.) manufactures and sells the brand Steiner & Kovarik® (founded by Silvie Steinerová and Petr Kovařík in 2011) and a historical brand Nachfolger®. Steiner & Kovarik® and Nachfolger® products are sold throughout Prague in their charming little chocolate boutiques found in equally charming locations. Prague Chocolate offers high quality chocolate products, exclusively made of cocoa solids from Belgian producer Barry Callebaut in combination with traditional Czech ingredients such as plums and cranberries. The Steiner & Kovarik® brand offers a variety of types of chocolate treats including almonds in chocolate, Czech nougat made of Czech honey, pralines, chocolate bars, sugar-free chocolate bars, hot chocolate, raisins in chocolate and nuts. Nachfolger® products include classic bars of chocolate, small chocolates in tins or wooden boxes and postcards with mini chocolates. The colorful tins, boxes and cases all depict different scenes of Old Prague and its many mesmerizing sights - they make lovely souvenirs, gifts, etc. Furthermore the Pražská čokoláda (Prague Chocolate) shops sell mugs, natural soaps, jewelry, scarfs & bags, and more. Gift vouchers are available. Should you be in the neighborhood of Mala Strana, make sure to visit the Prague Chocolate boutique there, then pop into Prague Chocolate Cafe & Bistro to taste the best hot chocolate in the city!  

Thunovská 196/19, Praha 1, +420 734 156 611. Nerudova 226/46, Praha 1, +420 778 536 453. Nerudova 247/19, Praha 1, +420 725 431 310. Železná 483/2, Praha 1, +420 778 736 373. Václav Havel Airport Prague: Terminal 1 and 2, K Letišti 6 1019, Praha 6, +420 778 744 745,

Address: Thunovská 196/19, Praha 1 | Nerudova 226/46, Praha 1 | Železná 483/2, Praha 1 | Letiště Václava Havla, Terminal 1, K Letišti 6 1019, Praha 6 | Nerudova 247/19, Praha 1

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