Hakarmel Cheese Shop

In case you love fine cheese, wine and other delicacies that are not available on a daily basis, Hakarmel is set to become your favorite food store. Specialized in importing first-rate cheese from Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy and other countries, this lovely food store boasts one of the widest offers in Central Europe. Alongside all kinds of cheese, Hakarmel offers both Czech and international wines and other European delectable specialties, such as top-quality dried tomatoes, ham and many other things you will always enjoy and amaze all your guests with. There are two Hakarmel stores in Prague, the older of which resides in Prague 9, in Újezd nad Lesy, while the other one is strategically situated within reach of the Anděl metro station, at the Zlatý Anděl shopping center. The Hakarmel stores are owned by the Slavětínský, s. r. o. company, which operates both of the stores, an e-shop and wholesale. The company was established by Czech entrepreneur Jiří Slavětínský in 2010. During one of his private trips, Slavětínský discovered a lively street food market in Israel's Tel Aviv, offering a wide range of food specialties from all around Europe. The quality, freshness and diversity of the products offered at the market led him to a decision to bring such qualities to the Czech Republic. It probably will not surprise you that the vital Israeli street market was called Hakarmel. Today, Slavětínský's company belongs amongst well-established Prague enterprises and the Hakarmel stores are synonymous for top-quality cheese and other delicacies at a fair price. The products offered at Hakarmel stores are imported from all corners of Europe multiple times a week, which is why they are always fresh. Treat yourself to a truly delectable specialty today!

Pasáž Zlatý Anděl, Bezděchova 2, Praha 5 and Račiněveská 2444, Újezd nad Lesy, Praha 9, +420 602 200 620, www.hakarmel.cz 

Address: Pasáž Zlatý Anděl, Bezděchova 2 | Račiněveská 2444, Újezd nad Lesy, Praha 9

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