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Located in the popular residential area of Prague 2, Vinohrady is Vom Fass. Vom Fass, in the German language, translates to ‘from the barrel’ and that is exactly how you can expect to purchase their quality products that are on tap, bottled or draft. Vom Fass offers a variety of healthy cooking oils including olive oils (some examples: olive oil with mandarin, olive oil with basil, olive oil with rosemary, olive oil with citrus, etc.) almond oil, pistachio oil, avocado oil, vegetable oils and more plus a wide variety of delicious balsamic vinegars, fruit juices and syrups. Drinks offered at Vom Fass include everything from single malt whiskey to Italian lemoncello, hot chocolate, vodkas, cognacs, grappas, Calvados, rums, white and red wines (pre-bottled wines available as well) and much more. What’s more, at Vom Fass you are able to taste test everything before you purchase it and because it is served on tap from wooden barrels and glass or ceramic jars you can determine the amount. If you are searching for a gift for that special someone, Vom Fass also offers prepackaged gift sets that will surely satisfy.  

Bělehradská 92, Praha 2, +420 722 412 543, www.vomfass.cz


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