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The Prague studio Olgoj Chorchoj is known for its innovative design that has been presented with many awards and whose designers have gained acknowledgment not only among experts and the general public in the Czech Republic, but also outside of the country. From the very beginning the work of the architectural-designer studio that was founded in 1990 during the Vitra Design Museum workshop comprised a wide range of projects. Besides architectural projects Olgoj Chorchoj created, for example, porcelain sets, titanium jewelry and glass vases. Olgoj Chorchoj cooperated or is cooperating with many certified Czech glassworks, such as Zdeněk Lhotský's glassworks, Kavalier glassworks and Květná glassworks, now Crystalite Bohemia. The last mentioned glassworks specializes in handcrafted glass and traditional technologies which corresponds with the designer focus of the studio. In cooperation with this glassworks Olgoj Chorchoj designed Konus, Ez, Cut and Mr. Egg drinking sets, of which the last one was awarded the Design Plus award in 2006. In the same year the series production of beer glasses for Pilsner Urquell for the worldwide market was initiated. Other famous products of the studio include the Look drinking set from cooking glass, Gap vases, and a series of tube candlesticks created in cooperation with the Moss Gallery in New York, just to name a few. The successful cooperation with the producer of laboratory glass, Vitrum Praha s.r.o., resulted in a series of table and floor light fixtures and candlesticks. In 2003 the studio exhibited its series of vases produced in the Moser glassworks in the Vessel gallery in London. Olgoj Chorchoj's Jan Rosický, Lars Kemper, Pavol Mikuláš and Petr Mikošek cooperate on glass projects.



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