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Founded in 1990 the Pelcl Studio is a foremost design studio in the Czech Republic. Many years of experience for the main personality of the studio, professor and architect Jiří Pelcl, as well as implemented projects of other members MgA. Petr Mikošek and MgA. David Crla ensures the certainty of high-quality products and upmost satisfaction for clients. The Pelcl Studio deals with furniture, glass and porcelain design, residential and commercial interior design and architectural projects. Besides his own work for the Pelcl Studio Jiří Pelcl works as a lecturer at the Academy of Art, Architecture and Design in Prague where he was also the president between 2002 and 2005. He is systematically involved in theory of design and publishes regularly in professional magazines and books. He holds guest lectures at many universities and colleges in the Czech Republic and abroad (Rietveld Academy Amsterdam, University of California Berkeley, RCA London, Yale University, ENSDI Paris, SCIARCH Los Angeles). Jiří Pelcl has designed interiors in many prestigious buildings such as the interiors for former president Václav Havel at the Prague Castle, Czech embassies in Rome and Pretoria, the Czech House in Malmö and more. For his Vicenza drinking set Pelcl was awarded the Czech Grand Design Award as the Designer of 2006. In designing glass objects Pelcl prefers serial production that has much greater impact in his opinion than hand-made glass objects of which there are only several identical pieces. Pelcl has been awarded numerous other awards for his excellent work. The fact that his works are already part of many design collections e.g. at the National Gallery in Prague, Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague, Moravian Gallery in Brno and many other collections all over Europe attests to the premium quality of his designs. Jiří Pelcl presents his work at contemporary design exhibitions and galleries in the Czech Republic and abroad. Porcelain and glass by Atelier Pelcl is sold at the Modernista, Futurista and Qubus stores in Prague.

Farského 8, Praha 7, +420 220 878 869,


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