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Founded in 1967 as a consortium of Bohemia glass companies in the Českomoravská Vysočina area, Crystalite Bohemia Glassworks is sold all over the world and enjoys well-deserved brand success due to the high quality of the glass products designed and produced at the factory. Glass production in this area dates back to the turn of the 16th and 17th centuries and it is clear from the quality and quantity of glassware made in this area that it is the tried and true formulas and fine craftsmanship which are responsible for making this Bohemian product famous and beloved worldwide. In 2009 the current owner took over Crystalite Bohemia and the glassworks stopped producing 24% lead crystal, replacing it with a new, ecologically clean molten glass formula, branded as Crystalite, which is primarily made by machine. Crystalite Bohemia Glassworks creates many unique and modern designs including modern design pieces by Martin Fait in cooperation with Olgoj Chorchoj alongside classic pieces, ensuring that there is something for all tastes. Crystalite is sold throughout the Czech Republic at fine glass boutiques; however, it is in your best interests to visit the Crystalite Bohemia factory if you are fascinated in glass production to better understand the fine craftsmanship and art behind glass production. 

Zámecká 730, 582 91 Světlá nad Sázavou, +420 569 477 111, 


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