Rückl | Cut Crystal Vase
Rückl | Vase
Pink Christmas Crystal Ornaments by Rückl
Rückl | Femme Fatale Vase
Rückl | Pink Vase
Rückl | Snake Vase
Rückl | Drinking Glass
Rückl | Christmas Bells


The Rückl family glassworks goes back to 1846 – at that time the renowned family was settled in Cyranůw Wostrow (today’s Ostrava). A lot has changed since then, however, the quality of the cut crystal remains the same, along with the brand logo: a stork with a glass-flask lid in its beak. In 1903, a small family glasswork was established in Nižbor. Over the course of one century, the brand has overcome war and the uneasy period of Communism. Thanks to this, we can let ourselves be charmed by their wonderful works of art, which are admired around the world. The uniqueness of the Rückl products is guaranteed thanks to a traditional approach during the whole manufacturing process. Wooden glass-blowing forms, made by the best woodcrafters, are used for shaping the glass. Manual mouth-blowing and hand cutting, quality Czech silica, hand painted crystal – these are just some of the aspects that make Rückl products exceptional. In 2017, Rony Plesl, a well-known Czech sculptor and designer became the company’s Art Director. He has managed to unite the Czech glassworks tradition and history with contemporary design – giving birth to a unique collection of crystal. Those associated with the Czech Lion Award were also inspired by these aspects. For the 25th jubilee, Rückl was selected to both design and produce the prestigious lion figurine, which is handed out at the awards. Their current glass production is focused on two exclusive lines: the Rückl Contemporary collection features refreshing pastel colors and modern aesthetic shapes. Rückl Heritage, on the other hand, finds its inspiration in the Rückl family archives. The classic cut crystal combines traditional patterns and timeless sophistication. Rückl products can be purchased at Debut Gallery in Prague.

Debut Gallery: Malé náměstí 12, Praha 1, +420 602 600 058, www.debutgallery.cz. Rückl: www.ruckl.com



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