Headquartered in Milan, Kartell is an Italian design company founded in 1949 that produces plastic contemporary furniture and accessories. The company first produced and sold plastic accessories for automobiles. In 1963 the company started exploring home furnishings and the rest, as they say, is history. Known world round, Kartell is an elegant mixture of contemporary materials and classic design; the result is an extraordinarily unique product that comes in different shapes, transparencies and colors. If you wish to add a splash of vivid color in the form of plastic lighting or chairs to your home, or if you like the simple elegance of Kartell's transparent pieces of furniture and long for a more modern interior, visit Kartell. The Kartell showroom in Prague is located in the city center, on Revoluční Street. 

REVOLUČNÍ 14, Prague 1, +420 266 199 465, www.kartellshop.cz

Address: REVOLUČNÍ 14, Praha 1

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