Alice Klouzková and Jana Jetelová established the Sistersconspiracy label in 2005 when both designers were fresh out of the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design school in Prague. Both ladies are especially interested in Menswear, which is evident in their fashion collections that present an alternative to boring mass-produced menswear found in the city of Prague. If you are a unique individual and you are searching for different, quality clothing that you will most certainly stand out and even shine in, then the Sistersconspiracy label is the one for you. All of the pieces of clothing are (mostly) handmade in the Czech Republic in small collections, making each piece a true original, and with top quality fabric from the European Union. Sistersconspiracy is in collaboration with young graphic artists such as Silvie Luběnová, Marie Hladíková, Mikuláš Macháček, Tomáš Varga and Richard-Rozhoň-Mutanta whose progressive works are visible on the clothing. Sistersconspiracy has also cooperated with Joss&Lowenstein, a Czech menswear manufacturer since 2008. Sistersconspiracy operates a showroom in the Prague neighborhood of Letna, where you can also buy clothing designed by Zuzana Sedmidubská.  

Dobrovského 24, Praha 7, +420 732 644 122,

Address: Dobrovského 24, Praha 7

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