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If you happened to be in attendance at some of Prague's Design Supermarkets or other design fairs you may have noticed a pretty lady sending sweet smiles into the crowd and presenting very fragrant handmade soaps that resemble stones. The lady in question is no other than Helena Heinz, a local designer who specializes in the production of quality soap made into unique stone-like shapes with a palette of layered soft pastel colors and a bouquet of sweet rich fragrances. The soft and magical shapes beg to be touched and held just as though you would  a round smooth stone on the beach or in the forest, thereby connecting people and nature merely by innovative and creative soap design. These pretty and smooth ‘stones’ are the result of Helena Heinz’s stay in France where she was educated by the idea of traditional French soap manufacturing, a tradition that is alive and well and continues to be connected with French culture. Helena Heinz’s layered soaps are made from top quality and natural ingredients and make the perfect gift not only for a loved one but also for yourself. If you so long to be pampered and relax in the most isolated room of your home, then enjoy the finer and more natural things in life with this elegant stone soap- the fragrance will transport you on a mini and sweet smelling holiday! Helena Heinz also makes interesting metal magnetic-backed jewelry that also resembles stones and natural elements. These avant-garde pieces look unique and elegant with any ensemble! You can purchase Helena Heinz’s goods online at www.helenaheinz.com.

Soap Atelier Showroom: Vodičkova 11, Praha 1, www.helenaheinz.com


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