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Make-Up Art Cosmetics, better known as M.A.C. to the general population, has three locations in Prague. The main M.A.C. store is located in the center of Prague and situated on Wenceslas Square, while the other two are situated in the Flora and Chodov shopping malls. All three of the stores are colorful, comfortable and well stocked for all your makeup needs. M.A.C., founded in Canada by Frank Toskan and Frank Angelo in 1984, was first established as a make-up company that sold products to professional make-up artists, but later branched out to the joy of the general public interested in make-up as M.A.C. cosmetics are known for their quality and bold colors. M.A.C. cosmetics are also known because of their creative make-up collections including Viva Glam (colorful and unique make-up lines inspired by celebrities), Venomous Villains (inspired by evil Disney characters such as Cruella De Vil and Maleficent) and Fabulous Felines (inspired by pure animal magnetism) as well as newer and softer collections such as Making Pretty (inspired by the delicate art and process of beautifying, and featuring soft shades of pink and taupe as well as bolder classic reds). M.A.C. is considered to be one of the best cosmetic companies in the world of beauty and it is especially interesting to note that M.A.C. has in place five different social programs surrounding its company including M.A.C. Cruelty-Free Beauty (prohibits animal testing – a policy extended to ingredient suppliers too), Back to M.A.C. Recycling (offers free lipstick, lip gloss or eyeshadow if you return six empty glass or plastic M.A.C. containers), M.A.C. Kids Helping Kids (Kids with HIV/AIDS create images for holiday cards – one hundred percent profit given to suitable organizations), the M.A.C. AIDS Fund (provides direct services to AIDS victims) and the M.A.C. PRO program (discounts for make-up professionals).

Vaclavske Nam. 4, Praha 1, +420 296 325 492. Vinohradska 151, Praha 3, Flora Palac, +420 255 742 168. Roztylska 19, Praha 4, Chodov, +420 272 075 444, www.maccosmetics.com 


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