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L’Occitane, founded by Olivier Baussan when he was only 23 years old is famous for its fine offerings of Mediterranean cosmetics. The company started out when Baussan harvested wild rosemary and produced essential natural rosemary oil and then sold it at local markets to fellow villagers in Provence. The oil was an immediate success and L’Occitane was born. The name of the company refers to the ancient area of Occitanie, which was once upon a time a combination of the south of France, northeastern Spain and northern Italy. The purpose of L’Occitane was to mix these Mediterranean traditions and ingredients into cosmetics and accessories for the home. Olivier Baussan was not only inspired by the magic landscape and agriculture but also by the open-hearted nature of those residing in the sun kissed Mediterranean areas. L’Occitane is therefore, Baussan’s essence or idea of Provence, which is exactly why you can find lovingly made cosmetics, masks, lip glosses, oils, candles, traditional soaps and more made with lavender, olive oil, Shea butter, fruits, nuts, flowers, herbs and more. L’Occitane has created special lines of soaps, lotions, moisturizers, shower oils, deodorants and more especially for people with sensitive skin or allergies, as well as special Mom & Baby skincare products which are gentle enough for baby and luxurious enough for mom. L’Occitane has boutiques in Prague and throughout the Czech Republic, as well as a convenient e-shop if you prefer to have your products delivered.

Na Příkopě 15, Praha 1, +420 224 240 884. Náměstí Republiky 1, Praha 1, +420 225 771 148. Vinohradská 2828/151, Praha 3, +420 255 742 216. Plzeňská 8, Praha 5, +420 257 314 313. Roztylská 232/19, Praha 4, +420 272 075 360. Veselská 663, Praha 9, +420 283 841 179, www.loccitane.cz


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