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Yoyo Store

Visit Prague's YOYO STORE, located in a maze of small streets in the center of the historical city. Established in 2009, YOYO STORE is the first brick & mortar yoyo shop of its kind in Europe. The store was created by a group of professional yoyo players who are sponsored by leading yoyo brands such as Duncan, Werrd, Yoyofficer and others, ensuring that you're getting the best yoyo advice directly from the pros. The YOYO STORE crew has been throwing yoyos since 2002; these talented guys are happy to assist you in finding the right yoyo. The store stocks professional yoyos, select pieces chosen personally from all over the world, mainly Australia, USA, Japan, China and Malaysia. This fun shop has more than 80 yoyo models on hand that you can try out before purchasing, so you can be really sure of your choice. Furthermore the YOYO STORE crew keeps up with all the yoyo news in the world in order to keep the store fresh and current, and they offer free yoyo lessons in the store. YOYO STORE also sponsors young yoyoers and international events; in 2015 alone the YOYO STORE has already helped sponsor the EYYC - European YoYo Championship in Poland, the PYB - Prague YoYo Battle, and the NYC - North YoYo Contest, to name a few. Whether you are in the market for a new yoyo or you simply wish to hang out at the store to spend time with other yoyoers and learn the tricks of the trade, YOYO STORE is for you!  

V Jirchářích 1285/12, Praha 1, +420 732 547 377, http://yoyostore.cz 


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