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LSD (Libor Sošťák Design)

The young designer Libor Sošťák (born 1987) is involved mainly in product design, designing everything from fashion accessories to interior accessories. He also deals with graphic design, mainly with logos and brand designs plus interior design. Libor Sošťák studied industrial design with sculptor Vojtěch Anderle at the Secondary School of Applied Art (SUPŠ) in Uherské Hradiště and currently studies at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague at the Product design III Studio. He has presented his work at several student design exhibitions and in 2010 he was nominated in the Discovery of the Year category of the Czech Grand Design 2010. In the same year he also went on a scholarship to the Utrecht School of the Arts (HKU) in the Netherlands. Libor Sošťák designs and produces the majority of his products for particular clients and accommodates the products to their particular needs. Libor Sošťák's designs include plywood bracelets M65 made of several types of pressed plywood (walnut, wenge, birch) that can be purchased at the Artěl design store. Other products that are definitely worth your attention are wooden suitcases made from specially pressed material of his own production whose texture calls to mind a textile pattern.

Janovského 3 / 11, Prague 7, +420 608 858 777,,


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