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Planning a wedding in Prague and don’t know where to start? Don’t fret – simply contact Beth’s Deluxe Flowers today; not only do they make gorgeous floral creations for your special day, they also function as professional wedding planners. The city of Prague and its surroundings present an array of perfect venues for fairy tale weddings, whether you wish to get married in a castle, chateau, Baroque garden, vineyard, Gothic tower… the list goes on and on. Perhaps you wish for an all-inclusive experience? Indoor or outdoor? Elegant, classical, modern, or an over-the-top day full of grandeur? Beth’s Deluxe Flowers can help you narrow down the overwhelming search for your perfect wedding venue and then commence in helping you will all the details, big and small. Beth’s Deluxe Flowers offers an array of all-inclusive stress free wedding packages (for 40+ guests, 80+, & 120+) including the Luxury Floral Wedding and Event Design Package, Luxury Wedding and Event Planner Package, Prague Luxury Floral Photo shoot, Elopement Package, Religious Wedding Package, and Symbolic & Vows Package. Besides weddings, Beth’s Deluxe Flowers offers floral packages for private parties (graduations, birthdays, anniversaries, etc.), for hotels & corporate events, and floral services for independent weddings (not in an all-inclusive package). Wedding flower creations by Beth’s Deluxe Flowers include custom made floral sculptures, floral walls, whimsical floral animals, unique floral designs, and lighting. It’s also of interest to note that their floral services can include tablecloths, chair covers, table linens, and curtains – all in order to make a total floral design that is comprehensive and elegant. Beth’s Deluxe Flowers strives to exceed expectations – on their user-friendly website you can find testimonials from their happy clients. If you are planning a wedding in Prague, or you simply need expert floral services, contact Beth’s Deluxe Flowers today – they will make your dreams come true., +420 603 262 083 (English, Spanish), +420 731 530 601 (Czech, Chinese), +1 (646) 401-0091 (US Clients),


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