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Pavel Barták

Pavel Barták, a freelance photographer offers his services for decorative art photography, architecture and wedding photography, professional photo shoots of property, and more. Should you be looking to add a bit of urban flare to your house, flat or office interior, consider Barták's high quality art photographs that feature subject matter such as individual substructures of cities and their surroundings – his preferred subject matter of choice. In these photographs, taken by his Minolta Maxxum 3xi analog camera, he highlights reflections in shiny surfaces of the materials that urban spaces are made of, which in a sense then has viewers finding beauty in the normal everyday pattern of our lives – manmade or natural – patterns that are so very often overlooked. This photographer also tries to capture the true color composition of each specific image, adhering to a unique style of art photography. Should you be in the market for a wedding photographer, Barták is extremely skilled at capturing emotions of his subject matter. Simply have a look on his user-friendly bilingual website for further wedding photography inspiration. Pavel Barták offers as well comprehensive and creative photographic presentations of buildings, houses, apartments, restaurants etc., if you are in need of professional shots for real estate purposes., +420 605 834 102, 


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