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michaela kejdušová PHOTOGRAPHY

Put your trust on your special day in a photographer who is sensitive, with an individual attitude, and who won't step back from any challenges. Michaela Kejdušová is a friendly, open-minded photographer that offers a precisely structured scale of wedding packages that range from three to ten-hours of photography services. This photographer operates primarily in Prague and Brno but Michaela can travel to any area in the Czech Republic with pleasure. Michaela has photography experience from such places as Canada and Moldova. She completed a two-year course at the PhotoGenia Photographic Studies Institut in Brno, where she became familiar with all photographic techniques. To this day she prefers the digital technique, which has become her passion. Influenced and inspired by American photographer and author of several books, Scott Kelby, Michaela always tries to capture emotions, moods, and happiness. Michaela's portfolio also includes pre-wedding photo shoots / portraits of the couples. If you are searching for a great wedding photographer, do not hesitate to contact Michaela today.

info@kejdusovaphotography.com, www.kejdusovaphotography.com, +420 775 740 573 


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