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Jana Bínová

Would you like to experience a true photography session? And would you appreciate if the photographer was the most friendly, lovely and positive woman? If so, you might be interested in the services presented by Jana Bínová, a professional photographer who specializes in photography portraying women. She calls herself "a photographer of the female soul", and thereby suggests that she perceives photography as a much wider process than simply the capturing of an arranged object. That is why Jana always put great emphasis on building a closer relationship with each client, earning her trust and helping her rediscover the unique beauty that lies in each of us. Charming, energetic and always smiling, Jana offers several types of photographs. The first ones are the so-called "lifestyle snaps" - natural and action photographs that are always full of emotions (the photography session takes places in the most multifarious settings). A bit more serious are the "profile snaps", which are the perfect solution for all those who are in need of a new profile picture, business portrait, etc. The third category is boudoir photography. The word boudoir stands for the part of the bedroom that is used for changing clothes and other purely female, often intimate matters. Boudoir photographs are seductive, provocative and sexy, enigmatic and playful, yet never cheap or explicit. The models usually wear luxurious lingerie and, if wanted, thematic accessories (imagination has no limits). It is the boudoir photography that Jana Bínová has mostly been focusing on and has been receiving great attention with. Alongside photo portraits, Jana Bínová is engaged in photographing weddings, family celebrations and other events. In case you decide on Jana's services, you will be sure to get an array of natural looking photographs that show important moments, emotions and details. Have a look at Jana Bínová's website and witness the complete portfolio and the remarkable story behind the unique attitude of this lovely photographer.

Studio - Ledařská 433/9, Praha 4, +420 604 948 338, www.janabinova.cz 


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