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Martin Florian | Photographer
Martin Florian | Wedding Photography, Colorful Houses
Martin Florian | Wedding Photographer
Martin Florian | Photography
Martin Florian | Photography, Zizkov Tower
Martin Florian | Happy Couple
Martin Florian | A Groom on His Wedding Day
Martin Florian | Loving Couple
Martin Florian | Wedding Day
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Martin Florian

Allow us to introduce you to Martin Florian. He’s a young, energetic, and creative photographer, who understands computer software as well as a camera. His excellent post-production skills turn his photographs into something truly magical. Professional photographer Martin Florian is based in Brno, but travels all over the Czech Republic to meet with clients. He offers, among other things, reporter style wedding photography. Instead of run-of-the-mill group photos, you’ll receive a package of beautifully captured moments – honest, stylish, and happy. Martin also photographs individuals, couples, and groups during other occasions, including parties, concerts, or sports events. Besides portraits and weddings, Martin trains his camera lens on architecture, interiors, or cars. For this kind of work, he lets his imagination run free. He specializes in commercial photography, and you can find his creations in magazines, on billboards, or see them on the television. He also collaborates with directors of photography and can easily provide complex visual services for your business, such as real estate listing videos or short spots. The best way to get to know Martin and everything he does is to visit his website – it’s user-friendly and includes a wide array of photographs. Scroll through them and you’ll instantly acquaint yourselves with his style and range. When you get to his bio, don’t let his age fool you – he may be young, but he is extremely experienced. He even sometimes teaches courses on post-production, which is his area of expertise. His website also has a simple booking system. Reserve a date with just a few clicks!

+420 702 097 144,, 


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