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Kurt Vinion - International Wedding & Lifestyle Portraits

If you are tying the knot in Prague you will need a professional photographer to capture the true essence of your special day. Kurt Vinion is an American photographer who studied fine art photography and photojournalism at Western Kentucky University before becoming Director of Photography at the same university. Due to a military upbringing, Kurt Vinion was able to travel and see inspirational places in the world during his influential years, which brought on a desire to capture the beauty of the world and the love for photography. Kurt Vinion’s work has been awarded numerous awards and has been on display in New York City, London and Prague. His attention to detail and easy going personality together with his amazing talent make him the most sought after wedding photographer in Prague and also around the world with celebrities and other photographers.  

Ondrickova 26, Praha 3, +420 776 069 384, www.pragueweddingphotography.com 


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