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Květiny Dnes

Květiny Dnes is an online shop with a store in Prague 4 and has more than 13 years of experience in floral design and supply in the Czech Republic. Florists from Květiny Dnes will prepare flower decorations and flower arrangements tailored to your ideas and wishes from quality flowers for any occasion in traditional, extravagant or modern styles. They will, of course, prepare also flowers for various special occasions for you, such as jubilees, birth of a child, anniversaries, wedding flowers etc. If you are in love and want to give a large bouquet of roses as a present, they will make a special price for you at Květiny Dnes, all you need to do is contact them. The same applies to wedding flowers – you can find inspiration in the Květiny Dnes photo gallery and in the catalog of wedding flowers. Their offer also includes flower decorations for weddings, wedding jewels, flowers for hairdos, myrtles for wedding guests, wedding table flower decorations, etc. Flower material for each wedding is purchased individually on the Dutch flower exchange. Květiny Dnes also provides flower decorations for office space and supplies flowers for company events. The e-shop www.kvetinydnes.cz is linked to the website www.pro-darky.cz, which offers unconventional bouquets such as one with sausages or a bottle of wine, designed especially for men. All flowers can be ordered online, by phone, fax or in person at the flower shop in Prague 4. Flowers are delivered all over the Czech Republic seven days a week as early as two hours after the order is paid.

Nám. Hrdinů 3, Praha 4, +420 602 234 589, +420 241 402 547, www.kvetinydnes.cz


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