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Mady Design

If you are planning the event of your lifetime and are searching for a reputable florist who can create memorable floral bouquets and arrangements for your special day, turn to Mady Design. Flowers are a big part of a wedding – some brides dream about the ever perfect bridal bouquet to carry down the aisle on their big day for years, and some brides have no idea what to carry; lucky for them, Mady Design can help assist in creating a special bouquet just for you, your witnesses, bridesmaids, and family members such as Grandma and Mother of the Bride. Besides fresh flowers for the reception / celebration, Mady Design creates special decor that can be used to decorate your home for a lifetime to come; decorations such as wooden roses can spruce up any living space, and at the same time will remind you of your wedding day. Based on hues and colors of the wedding, Mady Design creates a unified look that will reflect the personalities and tastes of the newlyweds. Above all, Mady Design creates original, unique floral creations that border on whimsical; their unique style ranges from classical to simple, sleek and modern – so you can bet that whatever it is you are looking for, Mady Design can create it. Top quality florist services and bouquets and arrangements made with love – what more could you ask for in a wedding florist? Mady Design provides florist services not only for weddings, but also for private homes and companies as well. Mady Design creates floral arrangements for many reputable businesses and hotels; their top references include Hotel Aria Prague, Avon, Hotel President, Hotel Liberty, Bauer Media, Sia Home Fashion, etc. For further information, please check their user-friendly website (in English, Czech and Russian).

E-mail: madydesign@seznam.cz, +420 603 239 657, www.mady.cz


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