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When was the last time you gave someone flowers? Can't remember? If so, do not hesitate to visit the website of GIVELO, an online flower shop that is always close by and ready to assist you, offering a huge amount of the most fresh, vivid and beautiful flowers. Just a few clicks and one of the lush bouquets can be on its way to the lucky person you want to please. The delivery is supervised by GIVELO florists who do not only create the bouquets precisely and on time but also are discreet enough to make the lucky person absolutely surprised by the lovely present. The GIVELO offer consists of a daily offer and unique collections of bouquets, which are designed by the florist team and launched every two months. The daily offer comprises an abundance of fresh flowers combined in the most various ways, ranging from traditional (yet sometimes unusual) roses to fragrant lilies, tulips, freesias and many other flower species. For the vast majority of the presented bouquets, GIVELO guarantees a fast delivery within 90 minutes from order acceptance. In case you order some of the special bouquets, which are a bit more demanding to put together, you will have to wait a bit longer (there is a note regarding the preparation time included in each profile). If you are not sure which flowers to choose or, on the contrary, you have a specific idea in mind, simply call and the GIVELO florist team will gladly give you a hand. Moreover, GIVELO offers an array of lovely gifts with which you can complete the bouquet – you can choose from cute gift cards, teddy bears, bottles of fine prosecco and sweet delicacies. The GIVEO online flower shop was established in 2017 by Natallia Mičková, a young entrepreneur who brought together a small team of skilled, smart and playful people and founded a lovely e-shop that is winning the hearts of many customers. One of the goals Natallia Mičková wants to fulfill is to teach Czech people that flowers are not meant to only be given on special occasions. On the contrary, the happiest are those who are gifted unexpectedly. Give it a try today!,, +420 737 091 111 


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