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Filip Vaněk – Fashion Stylist and Consultant

Fashion stylist Filip Vaněk is one of the best and most famous personal stylists in the Czech Republic. He has been involved in fashion styling for many years and among his clients are or were famous personalities of Czech show business, such as the famous presenter Leoš Mareš, model Pavlína Němcová, model and presenter Diana Kobzanová, model Simona Krainová, singer Anna K. and many more. His clients are regularly voted in fashion magazines as the best dressed celebrities. Besides celebrities, however, Filip Vaněk also provides fashion consultancy for private clients. If you want to look your best on your wedding day, use the services of the fashion stylist Filip Vaněk who has rich experience also in this area. He consulted, for example, Leoš Mareš and his then partner about their wedding styling. He will help you what wedding dress is the best for your type of body, what shoes and possible accessories to wear, etc. He will also recommend the style of your make-up and hairdo so that they will complete the perfect look. If you want to have a perfect wedding, it would be a sin not to address the best of the best, the professional fashion stylist Filip Vaněk.


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